Walk in Paradise

Cursed Blessing of breathtaking magic by Bleeding Beauty

A walk through the memory lane of paradise on earth, Kashmir



In the land of beauty and wonders,

Which is crushed beneath death and blunders.

I take a silent walk in the paradise, on the road,

I gazed at the landscape where death once took them all aboard.


As I floated in the boat over the crystal clear water,

I recalled how they bathed in the blood of their forefathers.

As I bought some saffron from the boatman in orange and red,

I shivered at the thought of how they all bled.


As the birds puffed their chests to sing their melodies,

Bits and pieces came back of what was the 1947 tragedy.

It was the dream home of many yet the nightmare of a few,

The camouflaged land of destruction under a sky so blue.


As I lifted up my head and felt the breeze,

I sensed a million stories of loss and separation blowing between the trees..

The beautiful children, with smiles on their face,

Struggling to survive in their motherland’s disgrace.


A land with a heart of breathtaking magic,

Was indeed a paradise, ironically so tragic.

It was the only heaven, one and only Kashmir,

The cursed blessing to mankind, as once said by a pir.