I’ll be your tether, just tug the rope!

There is always a lighthouse, a hope, to ward off the storms we sail through!

A piece by Chai


I’ll be waiting on the other side for you. I know you need time, to deal with the mess you are and the mess you’ve made. I’ll wait for you to grow up and mature .

I’ll wait for you to learn and believe. I’ll wait for you to trust again.

I know you’re broken right now. I know you’re shattered pieces of  brittle glass. I know you hurt right now. But I’ll wait for you on the other side.

Because everytime you’re shattered to bits, you learn. Not immediately! No. You have a long way to go. First you’ll be sad, next unhappy. Then you’ll be angry and then plain mad. You’ll give up. You’ll give in. And then finally, you’ll be tired. Tired of hurting. Tired of letting it hurt you.

You will mature and grow and learn to let the pain leave you. You will believe and trust in people and humanity and emotions of love and innocence again. You will not be made of glass but gold, that melts and bends and shapes, but never breaks.

I’ll wait for you to realise that you were the mess and realise the mess you made was just a part of growing up and you’ll learn to love yourself again.

I’ll wait for you on the other side of this journey. And I’ll be holding the torch. So in case you ever find yourself in the dark, just listen to this promise and let the torchlight guide you to me.