The Joker

Behind a calm face, a deciet stays…

Of the many whom we befriend, a few claim our relationship, burn it away for their greed. 

 A piece by Wings
That hint of a smile,
Running fingers through your hair,
That look of respect,
Challenging you, no one would dare.
Was it that poise?
Or that you commanded respect,
Or maybe that you were the controller,
Of all the cards in the deck.


“Pick one!”, I asked,
The Joker you chose,
A manipulator, a deceit and liar,                         You arose!

With those false words,
And the charming eyes,
Skillfully you sculpted,
The shapes and lines.
Ripping apart the hearts,
Of those million minds,
With your obnoxious play,
And cruel shine.
Away with the clubs,
You still had the glory,
A past mistake,
You tuned your strings,
Arousing the spades,
You attained your victory,
Impuissant to realization,
The Joker was successful in blighting all lives.