Time, dreams, moments spilt and thinned under the rain…

A piece by Black Ribbon

Liam was enjoying a nice walk in the early morning sun. He increased his pace to a slow jog and felt the air brush his face. He stopped abruptly and collapsed on the ground. A pool of blood formed by his head while suddenly the clouds emerged and thinned his spilling blood.
Amanda stared at the raindrops racing on her window pane while she sipped her hot coffee. Then she put the cup beside a paper on the table and took a step forward into infinity. She was on the 18 th floor and the paper read JUMP.


It can make us and it can destroy us. Betrayal can make us do terrible things to others. But love, it makes us do terrible things to ourselves. Her suicide note read JUMP while his murder note read REVENGE. So, she had taken her revenge. But, unlike what they said, it didn’t taste sweet. Every crushing emotion of love and hate gave her the courage to kill him and then to kill herself.

Hell indeed hath no fury like a woman scorned. But neither has heaven hath any glory like a woman loved.