Circumstances. They are lazy craftsmen. They take their time, inconspicuously carving their work.

Time flies, the masterpiece goes unnoticed, to us.

A piece by Blue

I realized that I say “sorry” a lot!

“Sorry, for breaking you, sorry for hurting you unintentionally, sorry, if my hand brushed against you in a crowd full of people. Sorry, for not paying attention to you, sorry, for being rude when I didn’t mean to. Sorry, for not loving you the same way you loved me”.

I realized I say this because no one ever said sorry to me.

No one ever said sorry for breaking me. No one, ever said sorry for not heeding what I had to say. No one was ever sorry that I loved them and they didn’t. No one ever even said sorry for making me trip and fall down that long staircase. Maybe that is when I decided, people, were made to be loved.

And sorry’s were the best way to let them know, someone, somewhere, loves them, cares for them.

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