Long lost but now on the way back, back to find myself…

A piece by Blue


“You remind me of something.”

“What do I remind you of?”
“You remind me of too many things to name. Like the clouds that dare to come close for a kiss with the hills and the waves of an ocean tide forever teasing. You remind me of a hot burst of cold water after you almost burn yourself with scalding hot geyser water from the shower. You remind me of that sunlight after days of pitter patter of the raindrops but it is more than just the light.It is the calm, the silence, and the hopefulness that seems to tell you ‘this is a storm’, just like your eyes,’ and you’re in the middle of it.”

“You remind me of good poetry and of better days and of waking up after a full night’s sleep instead of waking up to nightmares. You remind me of long walks at 2 in the morning or quiet afternoons on a weekday. Of the first time I accepted that I had a crush on someone and of the butterflies when I heard her voice. Of incomplete stories that demand your attention because endings, happy or sad or ambiguous, are just a writer tired of writing.

But above all that, you remind me of a person lost to time, slowly climbing back up jumping from the hour hand to second hand. A person, much like a traveller lost without GPS in an unknown city separated from his guide and translator, suddenly finds that one unimportant sign he subconsciously remembered to tether himself to the world and finds his way back.”

“You remind me of that sign because no matter how insignificant everyone thinks you are, you are the reason of lost travellers like me, finding themselves.”