Everyone’s life is a story. Every story has meaning, a significance, a life. Every story is a reminder.

A piece by Common Man’s Corner.



A glowing face from the obituaries column suddenly caught my eye,
As lust waned and feelings took over, I could see a human saga pass by.

Husband and son of the deceased had soulfully remembered the departed soul,
As she was once and will always remain a part of their undivided whole.

I wondered what the departed soul did to be remembered after so many years,
As her family still missed her gentle, benign and happy presence with tears.

Living souls are often filled with fragile egos and false pride,
Their fall occurs as they fail to go with the tide.

When time comes we all have to bid this world a goodbye,
But will our memories be cherished by our loved ones when we die?

It all depends on whether we gave to all without bias,
Or taking alone has been our principle of choice.

Only those are remembered who gave without seeking any return,
The world seldom misses those who shied at their turn.

While good deeds often leave their trail,
Bad ones remain etched in our memories without fail.


Forgive and forget should be our motto in this life,
What shall we achieve by indulging in strife?

Kind deeds and kinder words make this life a breeze,
Tough tasks in this way are carried out with ease.

Anger, jealousy and hatred should always be despised,
Ensure before long that the nastiness within us died.

Love and laughter should be spread alike,
Pain and guilt shall be moved aside.

Life is ephemeral and will wane out one day,
Remember this to keep any bitterness at bay.

The living may help their loved ones to stand on their feet,
Teach them to remain unfazed by victory or defeat.

Dependency should be avoided at all costs,
Even without someone we should be able to join the dots.

Those left behind should remember the departed with pride,
With tears of gratitude they shall take their loss in their stride.