A drop of hope and life…generous almighty gave us rain!

A piece by Common Man’s Corner.

Met folks do it again,
Instead of hot air came the rain.

Caressing the land of God’s,
It slowly marched ahead against all odds.

An entire Nation’s wait will surmise,
Earthy smell from parched lands would again rise.

With bated breath our farmers wait for water,
Copious rains only can stop their self slaughter.

Insurance and Governance have failed them alike,
Middlemen and lenders they equally despise.

Rains may bring them their expected respite,
But less of it would push the noose on their necks a little more tight.

When all for them has proved in vain,
It may this time finally rain.

Bringing cheers and smiles into their lives,
Rain promises new clothes and delicacies for their kids and wives.

Common man would care two hoots for anymore power loss,
Invertors and generators will temporarily go for a toss.

Animals and birds would now revel,
Humans and summers till now made them live in stinking hell.

Industry and agriculture may thrive,
But corrupt men might still ensure our economy’s nosedive.

Heavy rains would see our infrastructure crumble,
Perhaps nature intends it for us humans to stay humble.

Rivers and lakes might fill up to their brim,
Rapid urbanization has seen water levels trim.

Good and bountiful rains is all we hope,
Putting our Nation on a permanent dope.