Shut life for a while and live for thyself a bit, between nocturnal blues and early morning sunrise…

The few hours we find between sleep and the days work, is when we may appreciate the beauty of the quite, the calm and ourselves.

A piece by Bleeding Beauty

When I cancel plans with sleep,
I arrange meetings with early morning sunrises.

The sky and I have long and silent conversations,
About things temporary and immemorial.
The clouds have a lot on their mind,
While the rising sun occasionally drops in titbits.

The gentle breeze brings me snacks and refreshments,
While the lifting fog fills the silence.
Sometimes the clouds and I disagree on things,
And they become thick and heavy in defense.

When we share a mutual opinion,
They become thin, relaxed and complacent.
The sun rays softly play music in the background,
And sometimes they take a break with exhaustion.

These conversations are lovely,
I have them every single day without fail.
However there are days,
When I have prior commitments with rest.

These days are not so pretty,
For I miss out on the delight and enlightenment.
These meetings are hard to live through though,
My dark circles are a living testimony.