Passage Voyage

Sometimes the best friends we make are found in a page or a new chapter opened…

A piece by Bleeding Beauty


They’re more real than the people I know,

Patient and caring people to whom I can go.

They don’t talk but simply listen and smile,

Even their silence makes everything fine for a while.

They go everywhere with me,

Always ready to hear me out,

Whatever it maybe.

They have their own story that gets me hooked.


They live in novels, sagas and beautiful books.

They teach me lessons the world doesn’t tell me about,

They know what I want to say before I open my mouth.

We have lived a thousand lives holding hands,

We share a bond nobody can possibly understand.

They have stayed awake through my crying and laughter,

Been there for me in happiness and disasters.


They don’t fight with me, they’ve got their own,

We can talk anytime and anywhere,

No need for a phone.

They’re in those pages, in my mind and heart,

They’ve been with me from the very start!

They know reality is cruel and cold,

When I open book and my tales unfold.


They show me a world so different from mine,

A parallel universe where I know I can be fine!

We go on adventures of life, emotions, death and everything possible,

I return with memories that are magical.

They fill my black and white life with rainbows,

Wherever they go, this mortal goes.

All it takes is opening the page of a book,

Making friends with them at the very first look.