Oh but what are we, if not careless beings?

In hopeless pursuits, all night, together.

Life is the simplest of pursuits, maybe, if we had let it be.

A piece by Blue



Oh but what are we!

If not careless beings

In love with humanity?

What are we, if not

For simpletons falling

In hopeless pursuits?


Oh! But what are we?

If not shattered glass?

Not solid glass, nor grainy

Sand. Just floating pieces

Of nothingness coerced



Oh! But why are we here?

If not to mend all those

Shattered glasses that stay

Awake at night, crying,

Trying, sighing at the stars

Thinking about regret and

When was the last time

They greeted strangers

With a smile?

Why, if not to heal their bruises?

For that is who we are

Meant to be.


Oh but who are we?

If not scarred souls hiding

Behind a masquerade?

Flinching at the slightest

Unfurl for there is nothing

But pain on the other side?

Veiling hurt with a smile

And cloaking ourselves

In this shroud of bravery.


Oh but what actually are we?

A tiny

With darkness inside and out.

Little pencils in our tiny

Hands trying to colour but

Who’d explain it to us

That black just absorbs and

Never ne’er reflects back?


Who are we, if not blemishes

On the erstwhile expanse

Of beauty and earth?

Foreign destroyers laying

Siege on land that was never

Meant to be?prose 1