Now’s not the time

Dust off and up you go, the time that was has gone. Now all there is, is what you make of the time ahead!

A piece by Blue

Now’s not the time, dear life ,

To fall and to wear

A pair of jeans with a tear

Just beneath the knee, So that every soul you meet

Can see the blood that pools

Around it as you walk with a limp,

As you Don’t run as much as hop.

Now’s not the time, to flinch

With each passing step.


Now’s not the time, dear friend,

To simply rest your head

Upon my shoulders and cry,

And hope that I do nothing to

Make you feel alright.

Now’s not the time for you,

To still be love of mine,

Deep inside, and ask me

To not fall for you, Every time I hear you

Calling out my name, Every night that I feel

Alone only to reassure,

Me that tomorrow we might

Be one.


Now’s not the time, dear life,

To count all of the

Things we didn’t collect

Because collections are only

For when you’re dead and you

And I? We’ve got a long way to go.

Now’s not the time, To be afraid of swinging

From banyan tree branches

Or to start searching for

Yourself inside perfectly built

Cemeteries or river beds.


Now’s not the time, dear love,

To hide just in poetry

Or in words spoken but

Never understood like fires

Seldom were, for they were

Only meant to cleanse the

Poison but burnt everything

To the ground so that a new

Dawn could emerge.

Now’s not the time,

To burn ourselves in hopes

That everything could go

Back to where it once was.

It would, every thing would, But not everyone.


Now’s not the time, dear heart,

To hurt at each deep breath

That we took because some

Of the pieces were broken

At oddly shaped angles

Because someone needed

Them much more than us and

All we could do was carve it

Out for them.

Now’s not the time

For you to tire just

Because you were too worn out

Or because you had walked

Long with someone who

Wouldn’t even hold your hand.


Now’s not the time dear child,

To hide behind white pages,

And touchscreen phones,

And lame jokes,

And indecision,

Because you will survive,

Just as I did,

Just as I still do.