Midnight Travellers

A meeting under the moonlight, of two travellers to play their jazz with words and life!

It was 3:40am. Apparently Chai and Blue and nothing else to do.

A poetry jam by Blue and Chai                                                             Blue:                                                      When the night was bleak and fleeting.
When moon was slowly retreating.
When insomnia ruled over minds,
And poesy reeled under the shadows.

Chai: And Blue: Chanced upon a meeting.                      

Had a chance encounter with fate and truth                  On the path to an unknown destination.

Are they as cruel as most men say or were they kind to you?

I had to hide away from them and keep,                       A long distance between us.                                And so I gave up rest and walked into the night.           They were crueler than most men say.                        They always are. At least to me.

You wouldn’t know,                                         You didn’t greet them!                                     For monstrous of monsters and mightiest of men              Are kinder than a gentle dew drop.                          All you have to do is look deep!                          They may be bitter,                                        But they have all right to be!

They played a game so cruel,                               That I won’t wish my enemy them and I still wonder           If they are back at the bar I left them.                  Laughing at me, laughing at the prank they pulled,            So heartlessly…

You did evade them on your journeys all these years.         My dear boy. You mistake them.                              For truth is just.                                         And enjoys jest but fate is moody I do agree.

No. I did not!                                               I met them when they met me,                                But they were anchors and I was a sailing ship,               And all they did was crack my hull,                          And bring me down to the ocean floor.

They are mighty,                                             I know so too. But have them in your stride                  And they’ll have you.

Make enemies of them and you will break.
No man, or immortal has stood long against them,              Truth and fate.

I hope for you to be right                                 But I’ve failed and tried                                    A million times already                                    And now trust is but just a word hollow as me.

Life is cruel. Blame her, a cocky minx.
For she puts you on path and then puts a jinx.
She holds you to words of love,
Oh boy don’t be fooled,
She’s one not to be trusted,
Puts ice in your heart and then she rules.
But she too has never won,
Great battles did take place,
Great wounds were borne,
By all, trust, truth and fate.

I do not seek to make an enemy of fate                     And truth but I do not seek their brotherhood too.           They’re acquaintances I meet and greet                      And they are bullies pulling away my seat                   

But I do not hate them. Hating requires a strength           I long lost on the path and all I have left is love to give, And love to receive. But I don’t even love them.

They are hurt,
Just as you
Life is a bitch,
Don’t love her more
Than these three,
She’s the one with the glitch.
In the end,
All I want to say
Is find peace
Dear one
On your journeys.

Sleep, has been a constant companion                         And it calls me now into its tender arms.                    So goodnight, fellow traveller and I wish you                 Find what you seek for there are brighter roads ahead.      You just need to peek                                      And you shall find the light shining your way.

I bid you good night,
We shall meet again,
Under these stars,
When the time is right.

And I shall find peace one day,                               When all is not lost,                                      With my head in sway and I’ll tell them I survived.           I survived and I forgave and I existed.