Maturity…constant like change. Defines itself. Gives meaning to its nature

A piece by Common Man’s Corner.

A kid is taught to be an open book,

Maturity teaches him to give this thought a relook.

An open book is amenable to all scrutiny,
Candid confessions have often led to mutiny.

Whether Truth alone triumphs is not known,
But truth being alone has repeatedly been shown.

The practice of diplomacy is known to reflect maturity,
Truth as a consequence though, becomes a casualty.

Lying with a straight face is termed as diplomacy,
Bitter truths are left unspoken with reasonable accuracy.

Sugar coating the truth does not hide its bitterness,
Inevitable in such case has to be met without preparedness.

Going with the tide is taken as a sign of maturity,
Those who try the opposite are in scarcity.

Adjustment and flexibility is said to guarantee success,
Firmness and rigidity may be sent for recess.

Instant solution is what all seek,
Who cares if its future ramifications are bleak.

Small men with big ego’s need to be placated,
Whims and fancies of the powerful can seldom be satiated.

With all their might they undo what is right,
Future for truth doesn’t seem to be bright.

Sycophancy never permits one to say no,
Even the impossible gets a go.

Maturity beckons you to be in your master’s good book,
Let the ends be achieved, whether by hook or crook.

The meaning of maturity changes with every master,
Wrong men on top are a complete disaster.

Maturity comes with neither experience nor age,
Only good intentions are needed with a proactive gaze.