Living In Dreams

Close your eyes. Now open them. Now breathe. Now live. Now wake up…

A piece by Bleeding Beauty

Dreams are beautiful and so is sleep because both flow effortlessly. We are the sole masters of our fate there. There’s nobody but us to see and feel and think and in a way that’s beautiful because there are no second opinions to destroy the beauty. The dreams may be good or bad, but they are all yours; made and ended by you.

You are the creator.

We all hate life because it’s always in some way, affected and molded by people other than ourselves. There’s no peace. There’s always noise, anger, pain, frustration and confusion and the worst part is, you don’t even get to end it yourself.

Sleep and dreams; it’s so much more beautiful and easier because you get so much by doing something so little as clearing your mind and closing your eyes. That means less struggle. It’s like your own parallel universe where you can vent out but with all the issues that you take in that universe, it only gets more beautiful. It never loses its peace and calm and meaning. You never get tired of it. It’s like a rehab. A therapy. That actually works and the best part is – it’s free and you can do it yourself.

Life, is the complete opposite. With its own ‘fucked up beauty’.