Inside Out

They shall accept you, but will you accept yourself?

A shout out to my history and future, for I am who I can be!

A piece by Bleeding Beauty


“Why don’t you use make-up?”, they asked me.

I give them an intense and piercing look as I wanted to tell them that I don’t want to mask my soul with a bunch of chemicals that make me feel like someone I’m not. It’s my personal choice to walk undeterred by that layer of superficiality that doesn’t really define me.

I don’t care if people see my dark circles, the blue vein under the right eye or the tiny pimples on my cheeks. I feel comfortable in walking free with those imperfections and flaws that tell everyone who I really am. That l feel brave
and liberated to come out in the open and show this is the beauty I long to see in the world.

They call me stupid but I’ve never really felt the need to smoothen a layer of chemicals on my face and conceal my soul. I would expose all the moles, pimples and scars on my face because that’s raw beauty which has a story to tell.

My dry lips, crooked smile, wheatish skin, sunken eyes and wry expression; this is who I am and I want to be nobody else but myself. This is me, inside out. I want to stand out in my purest and rawest form and not be buried and suffocated by a mask of alter ego.

Plus, it’s expensive man.