I Just Wished

When she hangs around, I speak my heart out…

A piece by Blue

I just wished, you know?
That she would talk to me.                                                                Tell me what was
Going on in the soft little
Miracle of a brain of hers
Hidden under the covers
Of her red streaked hair.

I just wished, you know?
That she would carress
My hair the way she used to
Once, a long time ago,
When we used to sleep
Under the stars,
Counting each one
Of them, on our tireless

Fingertips. I wished
She would trace the
Outline of my face with
Her fingertips and slowly
Raise my closed jaws
To hers and let silence
Engulf our lips like
The sky sending it’s
Minion of a storm to kiss
The sea.

I just wished, you know?
That her eyes would tell
Me something she wasn’t,
And I would figure it all out
If I just looked at them a little

But now, all she does
Is stare at me,
At my sleeping figure,
From the rope hanging
Around her neck,
At 3 in the morning,
With a bashed in skull,
And I just wished, you know?
Wished for her to
Keep on,