Father, husband, brother, son…hero. The many roles of one man, for the nation and for them.

A piece by Bleeding Beauty

“Who is the man in the photo mummy?”, the innocent 16 year old girl asked her mother as she just sat and skimmed the plastic pages of an old album and saw a handsome young man standing with a beautiful woman with two little girls.

She didn’t really remember the last time she had seen him but her mother had decided to clean out the house and out came the albums. She knew it was a ridiculous question but after nine years of separation from this man made her curious. Her memory of him had started to fade away. Not a letter or a call or an email. Yet she used to hear tales of this man coming back home after fighting wars and being part of operations.

She was intrigued.

She was often told, “Dear, dad won’t be able to come this time. It is a field posting.”It wasn’t the first time she had heard this and not the last. At one point she had given up on him even coming back home and developed a hatred for him for abandoning them when they needed him the most. “The country needs him the most it seems. What are we then?” Often her mother used to use soft words to calm her down and give her her favorite dish or an extra hour of watching her favorite T.V. show.

It was getting frustrating. He claimed to love them but never set foot in the past nine years on the threshold of the house. Clearly he’s a selfish man, she thought.

Years later when she saw the shining stars on his shoulder she realized what she had told him long ago. He wasn’t out there just to save them, she was also a part of the nation he was staying alive for. Yes, he had chosen to not show his face for nine years but it was for the greater good.

When people asked her about him, she didn’t say much or didn’t boast but she simply smiled “He’s my hero. Not just the nation’s.”

Yes, they had all made sacrifices.

Only to be together today.