Fly lil’ Fairy

Little fairy, they await you, for that little moment to set themselves free!

Greater than anything needed to break free from our shackles of fears are hope and courage.

A piece by Blue

Fly fly li’l fairy,

To the man beneath,

The shady tree.

For no matter how he,

Writes thoughts furiously,

Would end up in dungeons

Full of hate and monotony.


Fly fly li’l fairy,

To the kid afraid,

Of sleeping distant.

For no matter how brave,

He sees himself,

Cry would he all dark,

In wait of brightness.


Fly fly li’l fairy,

To the impurity that drives

Faith to corrupt minds

Until your wings ache

Reek of pallid cage.

For in absorbing those

Tiny tiny droplets of

Arrogance would you purify

In sincerity and in shame,

Heinous acts of unruly revenge.


Fly fly li’l fairy,

Should you be so worth?

For it ain’t nothingness

That gives me sleepless nights.

So much so that my dreams

Fulfill desires of empathy

In fire’s stead.


Fly fly li’l fairy,

To the ends that await,

So soothingly, dictate,

Inferences, inherently

Evil like the satanic teachings.

Where reign the terror aptly

Of titles that matter in dreams,

And are bubbles to burst

In reality.


Fly fly li’l fairy,

Should you be so untired,

Of that faithful journey,

None could be so brave

To encounter, in all honesty.

Where one finds solace,

I’ll find my failure.

For it has bound me like

Ropes of harsh destiny.

And I feel too constricted to call

Out to you, fairy.

Fly, fly back to me, li’l fairy