By The Horizon

Sailing, through the waters of ambitions, elation and lessons. Life…

A piece by Mystic Soul

The sea is so calm
So infinite and vast

As I stand by its shore
It kisses my feet
And takes away with it
All my fears and worries

It’s vastness has left me amazed
Looking at it feels like I’m diving in solace
When all I can hear is the winds chime
And all I can see is the waves of sea
I wonder if there’s anything more serene

As I stand by the shore
I can see the sun lifting from the sea
Making me feel heavy
It’s golden rays striking the waves
A sight so breathtaking that I can’t shift my gaze

The sea is deep
Just like my thoughts
Which cross my mind often
And make me think deeper
So deeper that I relive my memories

The sea is so infinite
Beautiful and blue
Its beginning and end
I sometimes can’t fathom

At times I feel like a sailor
Sailing through this vast sea
Sometimes drifted by waves
Sometimes disturbed by the direction of wind
And when I almost give up, losing hope
The sea makes me realise
I still have to keep sailing until I reach the horizon.