Bare Paths

Once we walked together and then it we walked as strangers…

A piece by Blue


They crossed paths again. Paths that were never to meet and paths so different that one’s feet bled and one’s heart did.

She crossed his path again. Albeit from a distance apart but it was enough for them both. Or rather it had to be because this phase, this phase was written by him and not her as was always the case in their destinies. This phase, he looked towards her and he didn’t see the stars or poems unfolding and words rhyming. Instead, he saw her for the chasm she was and he saw her for the first time not as a lover that was trying to bring him down and drown him in the seas of sadness. He saw her and he realized that he didn’t love her anymore. That some love stories sounded amazing just in our heads and some galaxies were better left unexplored. Some paths were better walked alone with our hands in the pockets of our hoodies instead of being intertwined in someone else’s.

They smiled at each other from a distance again and they were strangers meeting in a crowded street who just happened to look at each other at the same instance of time and not sleepy eyes who stayed up till late just to avoid having to say ‘Goodnight’. But he said it finally. Tonight. He says ‘Goodnight’ for it is time for a new dawn.