Baby, Me

We really could teleport as kids. Close your eyes and poof!

A piece by Undying Spirit


Watching the moving fan,

Which made rotations in speed;

Its invisible blades created a whirlpool of air,

And this thought made me wonder deep.

Hearing the ticking of clock,

And the horn of a vehicle on road pass by,

I waited for them,

To come and fill my heart;

Yet again with peace and security.


A fear of cats and imaginary ghosts, kept me still;

While snore of people around,

Created a life to the ghost’s roar.

Pace of my heart slowly calmed,

While the strings of my thoughts

Became strings of my dreams;

Slipping me into a parallel world,

While I’m sound asleep.


Feeling something softer than cushion,

And arms wrapped on shoulder instead of velvet,

Opening an eye suspiciously, and looking by around,

I realized I was on a journey.

I now realize, at an age of single digit,

I was on the best journey of my life.

The journey in secure arms of my father,

Covering a distance from sofa to bed.