All Of Us

All of us, with the lilt in our hearts opened the door. Reality stood there waiting.

A piece by Blue

All of us have dreams,                                     Had, more like,                                           Every time,                                                The world                                            Fulfilled our                                            Wishes to grow                                            Older than we                                             Were, desolate                                             Than we were.

All of us have turned                                      To elders, and                                           Sworn, not to                                           Become them.                                               To live to­day                                              And die,                                                   The next.                                               Reality visits,                                            And living                                                 And dying                                                 Swap names.

All of us,                                                 Have tried to smile,                                     Through tears,                                          Hoping curved lips                                       Could hold                                                 Our sorrows,                                               But they don’t.                                          Never were we,                                           Meant to be.                                              Were meant to be                                        Kissed                                                     And never were.

All of us have failed                                     A failure,                                                We desired to succeed,                                     And let,                                                  Black of truth                                            Turn us to stone.                                         Dying,                                                 Somewhere,                                                 In between                                               Dreams and reality.