A Killing Distance

It may take a large distance to break a pair of hearts yet love shall keep them from falling apart!

A piece for those, distanced by geography yet united by the bond they share!

A piece by Bleeding Beauty

Long distances hurt like a thousand hells broke loose. They were right. She was waiting for a call or maybe even just a message to light up the screen unexpectedly as she lay on her bed, her heart beating lifelessly in her ribcage and her eyes moist. They hadn’t talked since months and after being together for twenty years what hurt more was the fact that time zones had torn them apart. She had written one letter everyday and now her hope had extinguished like a bonfire in the rain.

Love hurts a lot. This one was killing her. No longer did those Skype calls remain ingrained in her mind as the clouds of despair blocked her happiness; she longed to be with her love.

Four more years seemed like eternity. She was half dead. India and America were killing the two sisters.