Author Guidelines

Hey there! So good to have you with us! Well, a quick brief about InkscapeCo and how things work around a bit!

Inkscape is a community which is built by you! Past time writing or some gentle reading, we are good to go!

Inkscape is a space for the ace and the ones who don’t really love to race when it comes to writing! So, if an amazing story pops in your head before bedtime or over your hot choc’, we’ll help you share it with a whole lot of love and care! We would love to read your pieces and share it with everyone! Help us grow and stay alive. Write your heart away!

For Permanent authors:

  1. Welcome! You are a permanent author now! Well, this means that you get to hangout and work along with other amazing writers in our Writer’s Tavern!  You can directly post your short work on the WhatsApp group or even mail us at
  2. You will be inducted in the incubation group where initially you’ll have to send atleast two works of yours. This is to develop a sense of commitment in the long run. There will be three more works that you will have send based on certain themes or ideas that we shall give you.
  3. Being a permanent author, you can post your ideas for good topics or genres or style that everyone can try their hands on! It is always good to explore!
  4. At InkscapeCo, there is no requirement for weekly submissions, though we would appreciate submissions a little frequently if not regularly.
  5. Please share and like our social edia pages and support other writers too by sharing their works too! That is how we grow and it starts from you!
  6.  And whenever you send your works punctuations please see doesnt work so well
  7. A bit of dreaded topic, ownership and authorship! Easy yet hard to explain! Just kidding!

So here it goes:

i. Being a permanent author, if you post something new, which hasn’t been shared anywhere on the internet, we’ll keep a mutual ownership and you will have complete authorship without doubt!

ii.On our part, we’ll post it on our website, share it on various social media pages and help you get an audience and identity for your amazing works!

iii.On your part, please share the work and backlink it to our social media pages and website! It will help all of us grow and as said, InkscapeCo is by you! This basically means that whenever you share it personally, do include a link to visit our various social media pages! Just that much!

iv.Please refrain from having works taken down except under unavoidable circumstances. We can edit them, or keep it anonymous. We would miss your works if you take them away! We would definitely miss them! Changes can be made for any typographical errors or while editing!

v.You do not discontinue! You just take long sabbaticals! Feel free to contact us anytime!

For guest authors:

  1. Well hello there! So you wish to share your work with us sometimes? Amazing! Now we have our Tumblr page which is exclusive for our guests! Short poetry, stories, life lessons or creative 6 word stories, if you are up for it, mail them to us at!
  2. A bit similar rules with punctuations
  3. With respect to authorship and ownership:

i.Since we will be posting and sharing your works, we’ll definitely share it away on our various social media pages.

ii.Please share your works as well and do include links to our social media pages and website! Help us grow, we love you!

iii. While sharing, we’ll mention that the work is your and that InkscapeCo holds no responsibility regarding the content. We will definitely be careful and will contact you before posting in certain cases.

iv.Please refrain from having works taken down except under unavoidable circumstances. We can edit them, or keep it anonymous. We would miss your works if you take them away!

Finally a few things common for everyone! Please refrain from personal remarks to others, names of specific people, well known or in general, controversial events or a lot of swear words.

Please share your works and help InkscapeCo reach out to more people! If you know anyone who wants to write or have some occasional reading, do share our website! If you know who can wishes to work along with curating, maintaining the website and social media pages, drop us a mail at

(A small disclaimer: We are a nonprofit collaborative literary and art community! So if someone wishes to work and help us with small tweaks we are sure to have you with us!)

These guidelines aim at providing clear information regarding your interaction, as an author, with InkscapeCo.