With Words I try

A new experience altogether, which is better felt than described…

A piece by Mystic Soul

With words I try,
To smile and cry,
Forming them into phrases and metaphors,
Ironies and similes.

With words I try,
To silence the voice,
That screams so loud,
In the corner of my mind.

With words i try,
To decipher my emotions
That run too high,
And ultimately find solace,
In the verses of a poem-

With words I try,
To bring about a change,
And someday when I succeed,
With words I’ll try,
To celebrate my victory…

With words I try,
To wander with my thoughts,
And experience the nostalgia,
Of memories spent in past…

With words I try,
To express little things,
That this heart wishes to say-

With words I try,
To paint my canvas,
Of dreams and thoughts,
To see the beauty of this world,
To make a different world of mine.