Carefree, hopeful, yet there to stay!

We have that one unique person for, the best fit for us, in this behemoth jigsaw called world!

A piece by Bleeding Beauty


Yes he was crazy, he was stupid, he was nuts but he was her other half! Never leaving her side even in the hardest of times, staying up till late to listen to her gibberish chitter chatter as she yapped away like a senseless squirrel into the wee hours of the morning. Her problems became the butt of all his jokes and she learned how to laugh at them. His problems became her concern and they figured out how to get through it together.

Deep thoughts, stupid talks, drunk nights, hideous looks; they had seen it all together. So much so her parents has moved out of the picture because they knew she was like his baby sister, safe and sound in his strong and protective arms. They hadn’t seen her face droop ever since she met him.

She was like a reincarnation of the sad soulless woman they had seen months ago. To add to the joy, birthdays were fun; he celebrated his on her parents’ anniversary and the next day they celebrated hers. He knocked sense into her when she seemed to wander off into the dark and she helped him with his college work; they were each other’s crutches. He had heard every one of her tragedies and she had stayed through his crazy tales of adventure.

Yet, there was nothing like love, as people suspected. This was like having a brother and sister without sharing the same DNA and blood. This was about sharing the same craziness, idiocy, maturity, mindset and thinking.

They had found each other in the middle of a crowd of people who found them insane and weird.

Their story was unique.