Time And Again

Time and again, we are humbled, we realise, we start again

Every verse is a realisation of us being ourselves more and more!

A piece by Undying Spirit


Time and again,

Lives reverse,

Sometimes for good,

Other times for worse.


We may not live all the promises made,

Nor may we live breathing at all,

It is, what we leave behind,

That count or be reasons of fall!


There’s never a pause,

Or an undo button,

But there’s a future,

That isn’t yet written!


I’m well aware,

That I’m nothing at all now,

But there’s always an empty future accompanied with a pen,

Undecided to be used how!


Time and again,

It’s we who decide,

Whether to have good relations,

Or undesired hasty strides.


Life is too short,

To dislike or hate,

And to remake the bonds,

It’s never too late!