Things They Don’t Know

We fight a war inside, battle everyday, smile everyday!

Every person has two stories. One that defines them and one that we have to define them! Seldom are they the same.

A piece by Bleeding Beauty

They think I’m too loud,

Well I’ve been silent for too long.

I have been weak and broken,

Now I have no option but to be strong.


They think I’m brutally honest,

Well, to keep people I’ve lied.

Sooner or later they all leave,

Every time inside, a small part of me died.


They think I ridicule love, I think it’s a joke,

Once I fell badly enough to be shattered.

I picked myself up when nobody was there,

I’m not ready again to be damaged and scattered.


They think I’m too sweet and friendly,

Well at times I’ve been lonely and bitter.

I have been in solitude for years in the past,

When people talked to me, I used to shudder.


There are things they don’t know,

I’m more than what meets the eye.

Things about me they’ll never know,

Even after I say all my goodbyes.