The Woman Who Stood Strong

We have seen them and may we meet more, we have been with them, need them and may we raise more!

A symbol of hope and courage, here’s to the strong women!

A piece by Bleeding Beauty


She zipped in and out of the crowd,

Standing and speaking out aloud.

She had her goals clear in her mind,

She was one of a kind, tough to find.


She had her priorities set in her head,

Achieved her targets before going to bed.

She was a rage, an enigma you could fall for,

She was like nobody you could’ve met before.


She was blunt in her thoughts and great with her words,

She could make you forget the world.

Her make-up was her confidence,

Her personality was in her elegance.


She had her dreams, she stuck to them,

People called her a ‘true gem’.

Never did she shed a tear,

She was way ahead of her fears.


She loved the people she kept close,

Believed in herself and she rose.

She stepped forward to help those in distress,

Even to fit in with people, nobody would she ever try to impress.


She was an icon, a raw beauty,

She toiled hard to make her own destiny.

In every situation, right or wrong,

She was the woman who stood strong.