The Silent Scream

The more the truth sinks in, the harder it is to accept it anymore…

A piece by Gargantua

How excruciating is it,

When you have the liberty,
But don’t see it.
When you have the time,
But don’t use it.
When you have the love,
But don’t feel any.

And then long for it, forever.

One who’d prefer and has too much to listen,
Than wait for the turn to speak.

The more you seek knowledge,
The more you understand suffering.

But I hope,
In order to save the world,
You don’t destroy yourself.

How quickly does everyone judge,
But be just as slow to correct themselves.

And when you speak,
I notice a quiver in your voice.
” Stop suffering ” it echoes.

If only you’d battleed the voice in your head,
For legions of people have died trying.
You tremble. ” I am fine. “