The Other side

Sometimes it is good to be shunned to the know the real face of the other side…

A piece by Bleeding Beauty

“Why aren’t you in a relationship?”,
“But you’re 21 right?” “Don’t you feel lonely?”

Questions asked and left unanswered,
By my raised eye brows and loud silence.
While some queries need to be answered in words,
Some need to be handled with elegance.

I didn’t know there was an age limit,
To find someone and fall in love.
I sure as hell am not expecting the perfect guy,
To be wrapped and parceled by God above.
(I am an atheist, I did that for the rhyme.)
I have a different definition of ‘lonely’,
If it means to others the absence of a companion.
I have learned to find my other half inside myself,
Who had been long dead since oblivion.

I am not sorry because I don’t have a plus one,
Really, I can have myself and still have all the fun.
They can make all the jokes they want,
About singleton and masturbation,
But I’d really rather have myself,
Than be unprepared for emotional devastation.

I never saw a relationship as a bond between people,
To fill in the empty time, to ask for validation.
The moment I give my deep analysis about this bond,
I have to declare I am alright and I am asked for clarification.

So yes, I am single and jubilant,
having all the fun I can, in life.
Age doesn’t give way to relationships and marriage,
I can be just fine not being someone’s girlfriend and wife.