The Five Sculptors

The story of five elements, a poem about how our human nature bonds with them, and gets molded by them…

A piece by Blue

Sky, treat us heavenly
For we’re all faulty
Children you’ve taken
Under your wing unshaken
By clouds and cries and
Us, taking our own lives.                           

Land, bring us back down
For we’re thinking of clown
Flights and birds when tired
Eyes droop in eyelids; when
Darkness prevails and
Dawn is rainbow coloured
And inaudible because
Dreams do not have ears.

Sea, oh you serene beauty!
Bring us back to the shore
If we drown in you for
It defines us to venture
Into your heart of sorrow
Unknown and as we fill
Up with you, thrashing tantrums,
Be patient for we were once
A child of thee,
Oh mighty sea.

Winds, be gentle with the
Breeze for we are as frail
As autumn leaves dangling
Hope on strings of weak
Confidence and spider thread
Will power. Be full of life
And omnipresent for your
Presence hardly acknowledged,
Absence shows truth of our greed.

Fire, cleanse us and burn
Higher than climbs, brighter
Than polar sunrise, warmer
Than summertime quilts.
Show us our dead and
Pay our homage to the
Other side and hope,
That we do not cross
Paths sooner than intended.