Rock, I Wish To Be

Basking under the sun, the sole spectator of the weather’s symphony…

A piece by Anupama Pillarisetti

I wish i were a rock, on the shores of a sea…
Regardless of my fixation for times to be.
I would enjoy the touch and feel, of the waters blue,
Sometimes green and brown too!
And the soft moss, which takes its roots in me.
The stamp of the feet of those…who visit me and the sea,
Is thrilling to feel as they strive to get to the top,
Clutching the edges, as pointed as can be,
Done so by the rough sea.
The eager waves rolling to compete,
Create a stampede …
And turn to mere froth on reaching me and
’Tis nice to watch and fine to be splashed
And drench to the utmost.
Before i dry in the sun so high, another comes with equal pace
To break into a splash and recede with a slash.
The tiny crabs search their abode in me,
Carved by the sea, crawl into them and seek asylum..
For once they are out, they rarely return
Leaving their seal of affection.
Creation of ‘god,’ I’d love to watch, sitting fixed..
Cause it all comes to me, though i’m too…
A product of ‘god’s making.