Road Rage

Should a journey of a lifetime…fall short of the lifetime?

A piece by Common Man’s Corner.

Every Indian may be born out of a sage,
Yet so many incidents of recurrent road rage.

Patience has long left us all,
Within minutes we get ready for brawl.

Power drunk and oh so angry,
Some try to boss one and sundry.

Having scant regard for our loved ones at home,
Like angry warriors on roads do we roam.

Least afraid to strangle and kill,
For some it comes as cheap thrill.

Even for the ones who want to ignore,
Others won’t relent till they see some gore.

Money and muscle they readily flaunt,
To them their con deeds seldom haunt.

Law and order seldom catches with the mighty,
Their hapless victims can only expect help from Almighty.

Jails and bails are part of the game,
Influential offenders often escape without a name.

Court cases for road rages may go on for years,
Bringing distraught families literally to tears.

Fear and compensation are equally dangled,
Before claimants of a body that cruelly got mangled.

Justice in these times is but a far cry,
Look how on streets we leave an accident victim to die.

Good Samaritans who dare help are made to pay,
Umpteen times about the incident they have to say.

Humanity and virtue are a thing of the past,
Only God knows how long such times would last.

Avoid and ignore even if you aren’t at fault,
Even for a minute don’t think to halt.

Losses, if any, would get recovered in time,
Remember, living with loved ones is a feeling sublime.