Rippling thoughts, stories and reflections. This mind never stays still…

A piece by Mystic Soul

I have tried, trust me I have
To phrase these words into metaphors and similes
To pick the right ones and put them together                 To form a beautiful piece

I have tried, not once or twice,                             But every single day,
To weave my thoughts into words
To give a part of me in those poetic verses

But each time I wrote something
I could sense how incomplete it was
I could sense how desperate my words felt
To convey the rantings of my silly heart

I wanted to write,
But I wonder why?
Words didn’t come to me
Although I had so much to say

Maybe because I have always been wandering 
With thoughts that don’t seem to take me anywhere
Except bringing to me the memories of past

And as they say, 
The heart longs for what’s gone

Mine longed too,
To relive the sweet memories of past
To be as care free as a child that I was

But as a child I’d wish for wings
So I could fly
But growing up isn’t all that fairy

Because flying is not just about having wings
It is not letting your wings crumble
No matter how hard the winds go against you 

And for how long can you hold on to the past?
For the sands of time that you try holding tightly in your palm
Will slip through your fingers even before you realise 

So the next time you wander with your thoughts
Don’t just stop in the hope of reliving your past
For to step forward you have to stop looking backwards.