Piece Of The Sky

A simple mind, a simple thought, a simple feeling for a storm in  mortal being!

Strong willed, steadfast and unbreakable; this wave of charisma entices my mind!

A piece by Blue

She was this wisp of air, I guess. This carefree little cloud full of stories and beautiful late night crooked faces and unending emoticons, innumerable good nights and everything that ever made her perfect.

But she wasn’t whole! No!

She was broken more than repaired, she lost more than she ever won, cried more than she ever laughed, but walked, more than she ever stopped to breathe too. She was the perfect amount of humidity you feel when it’s just after a torrent of rain, the prodigal mix of everything worth stopping for under the careful gaze of the sun and the moon. Her eyes just that ideal storm promising to destroy everything in its wake, but still subdued.

She was a myth, a fairy, an angel he admired. She was just another piece of the sky he only dreamed to reach.