Oh Man…Don’t Make Me Your Beloved!

Caught in the spiral of life and self…

A piece by Monalisa.

Oh Man
Don’t court me for I epitomize infidelity.
I have deceived before
I shall deceive again
I blatantly betray.

Oh Man
Don’t make me your beloved
For what you deem
To be an enduring connection
Is nothing but a transient tryst.
I have abandoned before
And I shall abandon again
I discard without dilemma when I wish.

Oh Man
I know you relish me
You relish my seemingly perennial pleasures.
But I am nothing different from an intoxicant
My effects wear off with time.
And then
The magical becomes mundane.

Oh Man
I know your love is true
And you know that
Mine is not.
A bond between us with profuse pain is fraught.
And yet you love me
Oh foolish man
How hard you work
To strengthen this ephemeral knot.

Oh Man
Don’t make me your beloved
But treat me as mere acquaintance
A tenant,
A temporary occupant.
Will you?

I know it’s difficult to not love me
I know I am enticing.
I have the acumen.
For I am life
And you are man
“and to err is human”