The Nurse in Ward B

Eerie place, eerie time and I am to feel it…

A piece by Blue

The nurse in ward B of the
Children’s ward is very bad.
She sweeps the floor as
If with a vengeance at me
And every other kid
On the thirteen of the
Fifteen beds in our ward.

The nurse in ward B
Doesn’t talk to me,
Anymore and I don’t know
What went wrong exactly.
Was it all the blood that
Gurgled out of my mouth?
But she said it was okay,
She kept on saying that it
Was all bad blood anyway!

The nurse in ward B
Glares at me sometimes,
But her eyes look at something
Far beyond me. Her eyes,
That once were full of
Compassion for me, and all
The other kids, in ward B.

The nurse in ward B,
Doesn’t care to wash away
My injuries, now. Doesn’t
Give me a sponge bath every
Morning, doesn’t sit beside
Me and play with the hair
Remaining on the unbroken
Part of my skull, anymore.

The nurse in ward B
Hates me, I guess.
For I’ve heard her say
A hundred times
To others when she goes back
To her nurse station
That the kid on bed number 11
Should die soon.
But I can’t gather the courage,
To tell her,
That I already have.