Not Average

My everyday spark, light and magic!

A piece by Bleeding Beauty


In that sea of people,

I see your face, calm and humble,

You seem to blend in well, yet of a different kind.


I see your moving mouth,

With a working mind that never tires,

You’re one of those souls very hard to find.


There’s a spark in your eyes,

Lighting a fire so warm and beautiful,

The one that will burn for years to come and go.


That determination on your face,

Subtle yet the one that screams out loud,

Will take you to places that you might not even know.


You talk to people, I hear you speak,

With the keenness of an eager child,

You’re almost like a storehouse bursting with information.


You’re a walking ball of energy,

I hear them chattering about your liveliness,

And that’s why, for you, I’m filled with plain admiration.


For all the times, every single one,

When you’ve called yourself average,

I know deep inside my mind that this is what is called humility.


I’ve always been awed,

By that simple yet powerful persona of yours,

Riddled with confidence, wittiness, determination and simplicity.