Mysterious, carresing and paradoxical, we be in the night!

A piece by Bleeding Beauty


I love the night. Why? I’ll tell you why.
Night is the hour when everyone gets lazy at the end of the day. Nobody bothers to check if there’s a smile on your lips or a tear in your eye. Everyone is silent and you can finally hear every heartbeat and talk to your soul.

Your mind unravels gracefully and you can see what you’re capable of. Your throat feels free of all those pouncing on it. Time slips so slowly you can ‘feel’ every second pass by. You’re aware of everything happening in your body.

In the dark, you’re with yourself and you are made aware of the beauty in you.

You’re your own master.

You can think of the one you love, you can think of where your life is heading, you can think of what change you want in everything you see. You break free of the shackles with all the noise you want because nobody is awake. You’re like a hurricane that causes no destruction.

But night is also calm.

It makes you get a grip, a soft one on everything you have and want to control. You’re no longer in the rat race for a few hours. It’s soothing because the silence is beautiful in its own way. It’s like the silence listens to your speaking wounds and slowly starts healing them. You’re at your own pace.

The night may be paradoxical but in its own way, its beauty is the reason you love it.