The day shall make me and break me, the night’s caress heals me…

With love, to the hours of night, where we drown in dreams and heal ourselves to rise and make them come true!

A piece by Chai


As night walks out the door having just kissed me good night,

Morning climbs through the window;

As night shuts the door,

Night thinks I’ll be sound asleep.

As I lay in guard of her trusted stars,

Little does she know,

Her stars are corrupt and long dead,

And morning has bribed them to stay that way.

Little does she know,

That morning wakes me up

From your slumber

And makes me work.

I am Day’s slave.

And morning is her guard.

I love you

Hence, I keep mum.

They say, should I not work for day,

Then Night, my Night will be sleepless.

I love you, so

I cannot let that happen.

Tonight when you come again,

My limbs will be tired and you’d think nothing of it.

You will soothe my wounds and hush me to sleep.