Luminant Boughs

Growing bold, yielding fruits of peace and serenity…the tree yonder fills me with hope.

A piece by Siri

There is a bridge,
Beside my room.
I sit there,
Late at night.
A cup of warmth,
Laptop filled with assignments to do.
I see,
Past the hazy mists
And the the lonely bulbs,
A tree.
A tree, standing proud
On a hill.
I don’t know where it is.
I don’t see beyond it.
And I have never found it
In daylight.
That tree, strong standing,
Beyond which is darkness.
But from the spaces left behind,
I see a glow.
Not a strong one,
But bold.
It is peeking past the boughs
And branches of my mystical tree.

The tree stands yonder
A last anchor,
Reminding me that,
In an abyss of uncertainty,
I shall find something strong and firm.
Something rooted to stay and fall.
Something that believes in me and
Something that I can believe in.

It lay, over at the end of my vision.
Past the soft mist swirling round
The muted bulbs and incessant cricket chirps,

Past my comfort and certainty,
In the abyss of darkness, I saw a tree, strong and firm.