Lost Somewhere

Walk down the memory lane to find what we lost, a little of ourselves…

A piece by Blue

We’re lost somewhere.
Both of us,
Almost within reach
Like that can of coke
That you think you
Can grab only
To hold a fist full
Of air and only
To know that you’ve
Been looking at it
With one eye kept shut.

We’re lost somewhere
In the heart of our own
Forests and forest
Fires, screaming out the
Other’s name but how can
We save each other
From burning up when
We’re the fuel to our
Own fires?
How can we see the light
Of day when we are so afraid
Of going through this night?

We’re lost somewhere,
Back where we were
A little less broken,
A little less dramatic and
A little less, independent
Of each other.
But now, we’re good morning
Texts and “how are you”s and
“I’m sure you’ll make it”s and
Hoping that one day we’ll be
Lost here. That one day we won’t
Need to find maps to
Wade through life.
That one day, from the
Ashes of our own fires
We will be reborn
A little less lost,
A little less independent.
A little less broken.
But, here,
And a little more, whole.