Life So Serene

Stop! Wait! Breathe! Look around…Life is serene!

A piece by Anupama Pillarisetti

A sunny morning…the Sun
Casting shadows of all that comes
Amid Him and the Earth.
Far from the buzzing city,
The honking vehicles,
Traffic that stands still every few minutes,
The two wheelers that speed
Paving their way in between…
Here’s this scene, so serene
A beautiful house
Foliage obstructing the camera’s eye
A gate as broad as
May be the hearts of the inmates…
The maid on her way for her chores
In spite of all the fuss
Of children be allowed to study
Here they go leading the oxen
Heaps of sand and concrete
For the house under construction
Greenery I hope will not be done with
Let us wish the place retains
It’s peace and tranquility…for
City birds on holidays
To stretch their wings…