The tree of thorns, and shade for the wandering mind. Pure Narcotic…

A piece by Bleeding Beauty

As she impatiently tapped the song name and played it, slipping into a melodious trance of words and beats that knocked on the door of her heart and made her dance along with them, she hummed along as her mind slowly sank into a state of bliss and peace with the song.

The rhythm simply broke her heart with its beauty and the melody was hypnotizing. As it brought back a million memories a small smile touched her lips and her eyes moistened, thinking of what wonders could singers do.

This song had captured her soul ever since she had heard it and now she was trapped in its musical cage which gripped tighter as she steadily skipped from line to line, reveling in its simplicity and raw beauty. It was a captivation. She had fallen prisoner to the song and her heart was forever imprisoned in the melody of this piece of musical art.

This song was her ultimate drug.