Ice Cream

They are an adventure, a whole new universe…

There is always a someone in our lives, who gets out the best in us, an ice cream for our minds.

A piece by Bleeding Beauty


Chocolate brown eyes, messed up hair,

One look at him and she was everywhere.

A blast of fresh air, that’s what he was,

Life with him was an adventure, there was never a pause!


Every moment with him was an eternity, beautiful like life time,

She couldn’t relive those amazing memories even with every single dime.

He opened her soul to a universe of light,

With him every word spoken and every thought was right.


He made her see the world beyond her potential,

At times he seemed undoubtedly perfect and real.

Exchanged words of wisdom and beautiful conversations,

Painfully perfect things she never thought of in her wildest imagination.


He was nothing like them, the typical guys,

He was more than what meets the eyes.

All she knew was she could move mountains for him,

Be that real friend and be there for him through thick and thin.