You are a feeling; enthrawling, mesmerising! Where are you now?

They are somewhere, a bit far, yet their thought itself is an oxytocin lightening for us!

A piece by Chai


I don’t remember her leaving. I don’t remember the words she said. I don’t remember the day. All that I can remember is her cold wet lips on me on last time. Her face damp against mine. I don’t know if I said anything after, like ‘wait’ or ‘good bye’ I don’t remember how long I sat there. I don’t remember if I cried. All that I can remember is the ache in my chest that gaped and tore me in the inside.

Its been a while now and i dont know what had happened. I can’t seem to remember. Maybe because I chose to forget. That was the only way I could breathe again and not gasp. The only way I could fill my lungs with air and not sorrow and despise. It still hurt. But now I don’t remember why.

All I want is to taste her cherry flavoured lips and smell her berry flavoured hair. To hold her tiny waist in my arms again and fit her in within myself. I want to have my sheets smell of her again. I want to recall every dip and bump on her, Every curve and corner every nook and hook. I want to have her in my arms again. Sleep beside her again. Feel her breath ghost on my nose again feel her cold feet against my calves again. And it hurts to know that I don’t have her. I don’t have her to be called mine.