The feeling to move away, let go, when the attachment that once bloomed now withers, because it lost its balance…

A piece by Siri

I’ve been put on hold,
Like a CD paused.
I’ve been stuck at the crossroads,
Knowing that I’ve got miles to go,
Piles to do.
I couldn’t resist you,
My constant foe.
And yet I’ve never missed you, for you’ve latched on to me.

I’m wondering whether or not to begin.
I’m sure it’s your move.
Well, the cards have been dealt to me and the dice await to reveal their predictions,
But I’ve chosen something else
Away from you, you niggling seed of hesitation,
For you are at home with my mind.
Away from your grip,
I choose to let my heart make my predictions,
Not the dice you’ve wanted me to choose from nor with your utopian tomorrow.
So now I’m choosing to Un-Pause and be the never ending playlist,
I’m choosing to move forward from the crossroads you’ve created.