Disguise Of Delight

New dawn, New face, same old, same old… 

We see each other, but do we see through each other?

A piece by Quennan 



Shivers run down my body,

Tears fill up my eyes.

The collars of my shirt getting wet,

As the tear drops fall on my bed.


Reaching out for the phone,

Trying to dial a help

The world seems to be going away,

Pushing me to a dead end..,


I lie down quietly

As silent as one could be.

Tired and exhausted of the process,

I give out a yelp.

I put my hand on my mouth

So no one gets to know,


Sobbing, hugging myself,

I let the night pass.

The dawn breaks,

I put on a mask.

Looking strong, smiling,

I face the world.


Not letting them know,

What I am going through.

This is the kind of life

I have been living through.